Welcome to 

Dressage Naturally

Dressage Naturally has this Vision:

  • To understand our horses’ world so they can be safe and happy in our world. 
  • To find harmony through partnership and healthy biomechanics so they feel relaxed, energized, balanced and free. 
  • To help students and horses be the best they can be through progressive, positive, and fun gymnastic training.

You don't have to be good at dressage to love it.  
You DO have to love the process of dressage to be good at it.

Dressage Naturally is an educational system that focuses on partnership, communication, and gymnastic development as an artful process that should leave both horse and human feeling powerful, confident, and exhilarated.

The primary motivation is to increase the happiness and harmony for horses and their humans.
That process starts with ourselves and is nurtured throughout the Dressage Naturally process.

Please contact us for further information!

I am giving lesson to students even  far away from me. With todays tecnology it is so easy! 
You can make a video of your riding and send me the link and then we schedule a call on  
skype/facetime/telephone and talk about what you can improve, how you can practise and what you need to do next. 
First video and call is EUR 50 and after that EUR 40.
E-mail me for more information! 


Naturlig Dressyr

Farhult 8247, 242 96  Hörby, Tfn 070-244 6434, ewa@naturligdressyr.se